I can Google with the best of them, and I can’t find any reference of a Lindenhurst High School who was kidnapped in , nor a trial in One article mentions that her father would take out ads in the paper with her picture, the date of her disappearance, a phone number and just the word WHY in bold letters across the top. Assistant State’s Attorney Michael Ori told Rossetti that if the case went to trial, testimony would include assertions that Romano was speeding northbound on Route 45 and entered its intersection with Grand Avenue as the light was yellow, “with willful and wanton disregard for the people in the intersection. Giants New York Giants. I don’t think the town is releasing the information or remembering her because it is too much of a reminder of how the small town failed her and her family. Lindy pretty middle class throughout although less so nowadays I hear. Her mother is still alive-but they moved out of Lindenhurst almost immediately after Laura was found.

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My heart breaks for Laura and her family.

Police said more charges are possible as their accident investigation proceeds. Worse than Murder itself 5. A few of the others mention the rug detail.

Judge: Plea deal in crash that killed 15-year-old girl and her father ‘unbelievable’

Was “the hut” used by the people killrd hung out with or a different group? The number of children dying of opioid overdoses has more than tripled in the past decade, according to a new report from the Journal of the American Medical Association. Not saying Lindnhurst believe any of those theories, just that there are possibilities where she could have died in those clothing, but not that day. There is a similar theory in the Jeannette DePalma case that she may have died of an accidental drug overdose.


Teen dies in ‘DWI’ rundown

A Long Island teen returning from a Brooklyn tutoring job was fatally mowed down by an allegedly drunken driver just two blocks from her home — and her heartbroken mother ripped into the motorist in court yesterday.

CBSNewYork — A year-old Babylon man has been charged with driving while intoxicated in connection with a two-car crash that left a recent high school graduate dead.

My theory is this, since the red rug belonged allegedly to the drug dealer, maybe she went there looking for “P. His sentence of two years of probation will include a ban on alcohol and drugs, with random testing; any programs in which the probation division determines that Romano should participate; hours of community service; and the 90 days in Lake County jail, scheduled to begin Nov.

Babylon Man Charged With DWI After Teenage Girl Dies In Crash

Back to the story. They were active in the Church and what not too. Thursday, December 27 5: During the investigation, kids around town told investigators lindenhurts Laura had been talking about running away, was a troubled kid, and had a bad relationship with her parents. But they never found her whole body in the book.

View author archive Get author RSS feed. I don’t think the town is releasing the information or remembering her deunk it is too much of a reminder of how the small town failed her and her family. Lindenhurst itself is a nice community, but it’s next to Copiague, which has some rather rundown sections, and just to the south of Wyandanch, which has been a hard-core ghetto for many years.

In Southampton early Monday, a year-old man, identified as Christopher Dean, was charged with drunken driving after police said he struck and killed a pedestrian.


Ashley Winiewicz linednhurst she has had two operations on her arm, suffers giel post-traumatic stress disorder, had to change schools and missed 90 days of classes since the crash. Not the clearest phrasing.

Lindenhurst woman pleads guilty to killing best friend in DWI cr

So I just want to say this: It was published like a day or two after she was discovered-how could they possibly say that definitely?

As for Laura, concerned parents went door to door asking if they saw her, posting signs all over the neighborhood. I wouldn’t describe it as “Wonder Years.

Many of the children and teenagers I kiled with often hid their “accidents” from the adults – even if the accidents were not a big deal and had no consequences attached! Hit these museum shops for the coolest holiday gifts. That first newspaper article states that the cops said something to the effect of “the kids were in the hole but didn’t spot the body” I wish I could dtunk out what he meant here Yanks New York Yankees.

Do you know if her parents tried to keep her name in the media I’m guessing not since they moved shortly after she was found or if they tried to keep her investigation alive at all?

Laura’s father died in It doesn’t excuse other parents telling their children not to cooperate with the police to help find a missing child. I know this is a lot so thank you for sticking with me.