Other- wise, use a blower brush and cloth when cleaning parts. Damage will occur to the fusing unit if the paper is pulled through it. Printer Output Max Speed. Remove the 6 connectors for the HV1 circuit board and 2 set screws. Open the front cover and check. Multipurpose tray-lifting arm position error is detected when there is no change in the output for the multipurpose tray upper position sensor PCI 5 even after the specified time has passed since the multipurpose tray paper take-up solenoid SL8 has been set to on. Timing roller paper sensor 6 Electrode roller

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Konica Minolta Magicolor 2200 Series Black Toner Cartridge 1710471-001

The test will run until paper is consumed, printer turned off, or paper jam occurs. Bad connection image transfer roller. The image on the image transfer belt is transferred to the paper when the image transfer bias that is supplied kobica HV2 is applied to the image transfer roller.

Toner cartridge rack error 8.

Back-side printing paper Shows the route of the paper for back-side printing. Our procurement experts are constantly on the lookout for new suppliers. Replace the oil coating roller. Upper cover Upper paper exit sensor.

Laptops mwgicolor Dan Ackerman Nov 26, Power supply fan motor operation No. We are happy to:. Toner cartridge rack release button This is used to release the lock for the knob dial used for turning the rack.


Genuine Konica Minolta Magicolor Fuser Transfer Roller Kit | eBay

Move the printer to a location not exposed to high levels of dust or other airborne materi- als. Remove the 2 set screws for the suction fan. Back CD w l. Image transfer belt unit right release lever This retracts the image transfer roller from the image transfer unit for removing the image transfer belt unit.

It takes approximately one minute from the start of the test until the passage of the paper is completed.

That warranty will vary depending on which brand you are purchasing, and we recommend that you visit qm OEM website for exact specifications. Is there paper when any cover and door is opened? Usynlig laserstaling vad abning, nar sikkerhedsafbrydere er ude af funktion. If the test print is normal, there are no problems with the engine, which leads to the controller and inter- face as probable causes for errors.

Konica Minolta 1710478-001 QMS Magicolor 2200 Transfer Belt

Black toner cartridge home position-detect- ing sensor The sensor and breaker plate detect when the toner cartridge for the black toner is in the developing position konicaa position. Check out our Competitors’ Prices: Dersum apparatet brakes pa annen mate enn spesifisert i denne bruksanvisning, kan brukeren utsettes for unsynlig laserstraling som overskrider grensen for laser klasse 1.

Always check that the safety switches operate properly after servicing has been completed. Cycle the power switch on and off.

The image transfer belt turns one time with the image in the formed state on the image transfer belt. Yellow color Magenta color Cyan color Black color Developing and image transfer V Developing and image transfer y Developing and image transfer 1 r Paper take-up Developing and image transfer 1 r ] r Image transfer to paper 1 r 1 r Fusing Cleaning of image transfer belt 1 r Paper exit Drum C-ll Toner cartridges The toner cartridges for the four colors Y yellowM magentaC cyanand K black are stored on the toner car- tridge rack.


The 24 eraser lamps LED on the eraser board come on and remove the electrical load for the unexposed sections by irradiating the surface of the OPC drum for the pre-image transfer of the image on the image transfer belt. If a fatal error is detected in the engine, the paper transport motor will stop after the paper take-up roller has returned to the top position and the fusing pressure motor will stop after the pressure roller has been released.

Be sure to unplug the power cord before servicing this part or the parts near it. Printing will not stop for an empty toner. Check by sound, or remove the left cover and look in from the lower front to check the operation of the lever. No Check media in multipurpose tray to ensure it is magicokor overloaded.

Replace HV1 high voltage circuit board.