After the accessory output bin or optional finisher is installed, the driver must be configured to reflect the changes in the device. Mac OS X v The Display Job ID when printing option opens a pop-up dialog box when the job-storage print job is printed. Select this setting to place the text at the specified angle across the page. Send Graphics as Vector.

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The Orientation group box contains two options:. The default setting is Automatically Select. Print on Both Sides is available when the following conditions exist:. The default setting is No. When changing control settings, click on the setting to see the drop-down list for that settings. Click Accessory Output Bin and select the installed output bin or optional finisher in the drop-down menu.

HP Color CM MFP with Edgeline Technology – multifunction printer (color) Overview – CNET

The available output bin options depends on the accessory output bin or optional finisher installed on the device. Select one of the defined shortcuts or custom printing shortcuts, and then click Edheline to print the job with the specific printer-driver settings.

The Job Storage tab appears among the driver tabs only if job-storage feature is edgeeline, and a hard disk is installed and configured. When the paper type is set to Unspecifiedthe smart duplexing feature is disabled. Use the spin box to change this value, up to a maximum of 32, pixels.

For example, all the pages in a print job might be stapled together when they should be collated. ADF – sheets weight: Selecting a paper type instructs the device to use a group of settings such as fuser temperature and print speed to create an image wth has the best possible quality for that paper.


Use the Advanced tab to change the layout of printed pages and to configure special controls that are not commonly used.

Job Storage tab features To gain access to the Job Storage tab:. The default setting for Print Optimizations is Enabled. The About tab provides detailed information about the driver. To keep the conflicting setting, select I will resolve the conflict myself. This setting does not affect graphic images on the page, nor does it affect any text that is part of a graphic.

HP Color CM8060 MFP with Edgeline Technology – multifunction printer ( color ) Series

When collated, pages print consecutively for each copy of the document. Any entry that is greater than the maximum limits of the width and height control is rounded down to the maximum valid entry, while any entry that is smaller than the minimum limits of the width and height control is rounded up to ccm8060 minimum valid entry. The list contains all of the standard paper sizes that the selected paper source supports and any custom sizes that have been created.

When printing a chart or using fully saturated, bright colors, select Graphics. However, if you close the dialog box without clicking Saveany unsaved name or edgelinne values are lost without warning. Print Page Borders sets a line around each page image on a printed sheet to help visually define the borders of each logical page. Use the numeric spin box to select the angle. If the print-driver setting is changed to a paper type that is not currently loaded in the device, a control-panel message ddgeline that prompts you to load the selected paper type or select another tray.


When Print Document On is selected, the drop-down menu shows the paper sizes on which you can print. To name the new watermark, type the selected watermark text in the Watermark Message edit box.

When this feature is enabled and the ocl contains overlapping text and graphics, the text that is placed on top of a graphic might not print correctly. For normal printing, leave the Advanced Printing Features setting at the default Enabled. In most cases, the software program and the driver communicate so that the number of copies set in one location such as the software program appears in the other such as the driver.

Clicking Cancel does not cancel all of the changes. Off When selected, this option turns the job-storage feature off it is disabledwhich means that the print job will not be stored in the device.

Back to Front prints the document so that page 1 prints kfp. EXE file, support files, and wtih following directories:.