Pebble 4 Firmware – v. ID Security Online is now able to provide a solution to Mac-based organizations in need of identification printing in the form of the Evolis Pebble 4. X driver Universal – released on November 14, I bought a Pebble but I would like to upgrade it with encoding option s. Which card printer are you using? For the card thickness a manual gauge will allow you to use cards from 0. Can they be combined?

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I have a white margin on the edge s of the printed card.

Drivers and manuals for Pebble 4 card printer | Evolis

A tracking number will be emailed to you as soon as your order ships. The color profile of your screen needs to be installed on your computer.

If you are using cards from another manufacturer, please check up on the specifications.

mav If this printer head is replaced, the limited warranty conditions of the wearable parts mentioned in this paragraph apply. Pebble 4 Windows driver v. Contact your Evolis distributor to have an activation code.

Install the eMedia pebb,e on your hard drive. This information applies to magnetic cards provided by Evolis but does not hold good for all manufacturers.


FAQ Pebble 4

Value entered for e-mail is invalid Email can not be blank Account with that email address does not exist at this portal. What are the dimensions cards compatible with the printer? I cannot encode a magnetic card. The driver must be installed before the first use of the printer and must be compatible with the target operating system. Ink cannot psbble applied appropriately onto this area.

Value entered for e-mail is invalid Passwords don’t match E-mails don’t match Please fill up missing fields below.

Pegble these 30 days, you must provide a valid license key to continue using eMedia CS. Can I use a generic ribbon? Pick up cards by the edges. What should I do if ma order I received is incorrect missing items or wrong items? Using generic ribbons with an Evolis printer will expose you to printing problems, plus, the warranty will be null and void.

Other shipping options Expedited shipping options such as 2-day delivery or overnight shipping are also available on most maf. What is the print resolution of the printer? Contact us for more details. Please note that no tests have been conducted with IA64 processor. Our policy is simple: Eco-responsibility Evolis’ environmental policy at all levels of the company.


Looking for the Driver or Firmware for Your Evolis Pebble 4 ID Card Printer?

Hico stripes evklis black and Loco stripes are brown. Join our mailing list and stay up-to-date on new offers, sales and promotions: The printed colors are too dark or too fade.

The use of specific software for publishing badges has many advantages to facilitate the design, printing, and encoding of badges:.

The printer skips some panels of my color ribbon.

International expertise A focus on international sales that makes Evolis what it is today. Eco-responsibility Evolis’ environmental policy at all levels of the company.

If the ribbon gets cut during the printing process, please check the following points: Which software applications are compatible with Evolis printers? For Windowsthis setup driver has been tested successfully on x86 processor and the x64 processor. With the DCL driver, magnetic encoding requires no adjustment, except for the level of coercitivity.