A bug with the method updateString, insensitive updateable result sets and clob columns was fixed. Load balancing means, the driver starts trying to connect not in the order of the host list but in a random order. Some increments for Boolean class in PreparedStatement. Bugfix in escape function decoding engine. Depending on the value returned from FailoverListener, a new attempt of reconnection will be started or not. If one connection fails, he tries the next connection.

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Bugfix in escape function decoding engine. The bug, that cancel didn’t stop the current statement but the following is fixed.

UCS user permission

Now you can use the same PreparedStatement for strings less and more than charcaters. This means you can use bit systems on the Oracle Server side or also on the client side. Also internal Exception caused by free lob locators already released are solved with this fix.

A Bug that produced unpredictable errors, because of reusing cursors from closed invalid PreparedStatements was fixed. To every created Connection automatically an instance of the configured FailoverListener will be added.


This port is in use. The driver property reportUnsupportedMethods will decide what the methods do. Table of Contents products: You can check the text there to make sure you employ the correct driver version. Escape Clauses allow the developer to create statements in a database independent manner.

String, char[], byte[], InputStream. There are two ways to put the properties to the driver:. A protocol violation was fixed when an output parameter in the database was not registered in the driver.

Before the value has always been 0.

Manual for the Oracle Server JDBC drivers

BigDecimal values with more than the maximum of 42 numerics getting up rounded was corrected. Fixed the method getGeneratedKeys after a call of Statement.

The following functions are supported. If you have a name resolution problem the IP-address for the ORACLE server can not be identically resolved with the name of the web server and vice versa. This can be used if you cannot see the default PrintStreams e. This problem can occur in one of the following cases: On creating the JDBC connection there is a handshake for the ocm.


If you are done with the use of a cursor and the pool is full then the cursor is closed and not returned to the pool. If you enable the logging with: This can be best accomplished inst getCodeBase. Disable PreparedStatement pooling You can disable the PreparedStatement pooling with a value of 2 for opencursors. Sets the time to wait in millis, that will be wait to the next reconnect attempt.

A bug with Oracle 8. There are 3 possible causes for this:. The scale can be different for every row. The prepared cursor pool has too many cursors unprepared. If you enable the logging you will see the license text of the employed driver for setting up the connection in the log.

A bug with the timestamp escape sequence was fixed ORA Set a FailoverListener via Connection properties:.