The hotfix solves the problem of the automatic transmission of RTR frames. In most cases, the sites or sales persons cease to function within a short time. We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience By clicking any link on this page you ar giving your consent for us to set cookies. The counterfeit units are not tested nor evaluated for personal safety. The VCI V2 supports in version 2.

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Who do you call for assistance?


But unfortunately, it affects not just us. Industrial Safety Energy Automotive.

Illegal software, key generators and patches offered on various marketplaces are known to contain malicious hidden viruses and trojans. Like us Follow us Watch us Join us Newsletter. Industrial Building Automotive More In most cases, the sites or sales persons cease to function within a short time.

This incorrect behavior is caused by the Step of the XC microcontroller. The financial implications and bad media reports of your workshop will be costly.

Counterfeit AUTOCOM products

In a way, it’s flattering and it is a confirmation of our hard work which makes our products well sought after. Do you know someone who uses or sells illegal copies of Autocom products; we would love to hear from vcl.


For the development of new applications please use the latest VCI driver version 3. It was perhaps not news that there are copies of our products out in the markets.

It is illegal and a crime to buy, sell, possess and even to use counterfeit products. Buying an original Autocom guarantees you a life time warranty together with a valid license. The allure of counterfeiting is obvious especially for products that are unique and popular.

You risk potential prosecution or large fines brought against you in the court of law.

You are risking the lives of many motorists by using a tool that provides inaccurate and counterfeit information; information that neither have been tested nor verified by qualified personnel, which in turn causes malfunction of systems in a vehicle.

You are funding organized crime and ultimatly even terrorism by buying counterfeit products. The counterfeit units are not tested nor evaluated for personal safety. Privacy Policy Terms of Use Partner login.

VCI V2 Driver Downloads

On copies it is most often an edge rise. No support or training is available. The VCI V2 supports in version 2. Starting from this version of the VCI V2. We have vxi cases where counterfeit products have caused ECUs to be completely damaged thus putting the safety of many road users at risk.


Please note that this functionality requires the installation of VCI V3 version 3. News Events Blog Case Studies.

How to resolve no VCI found in the autocom | obd2obd2

File and Documents Overview. No warranty provided when vck counterfeit products as it usually of inferior quality. You are undermining the credibility of your workshop and the entire vehicle repair sector. The hotfix flashes the new VCI 2. We know that we develop and sell products and services that truly function for our customers.

You are jeopardizing the safety of yourself and your co-workers when using a counterfeit tool. Those who buy these counterfeit products may not be having the same functionality or software that is updated.