Never return a product without contacting Anaheim Automation first! CIMON manufactures a vast line of products designed to supply you with an entire automation control system. A stepper motor performs the conversion of logic pulses by sequencing power to the stepper motor windings; generally, one supplied pulse will yield one rotational step of the motor. The count automatically represents how much movement has been achieved, without the need for feedback information, as would be the case in servo systems, and other technologies. This winding configuration can only be driven from a bipolar driver. Contact us for detailed assistance.

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There are three excitation modes that are commonly used with the stepper motor. All motors have an IP65 protection rating and offer extreme precision control.

A stepper motor being turned by a load creates a back EMF voltage on the driver. Dynamic Torque — the torque developed by a motor while stepping at low rates. Check aanaheim our low online prices now!

Anaheim Automation M6R5 Step Motor Driver T71106

One such relationship is the direction of rotation and the sequence of applied pulses. Unlike conventional electric motors which rotate continuously, stepper motors rotate or step in fixed angular increments. See the Accessories section of our web site for more details.

Each pulse equals one rotary increment, or step hence named, stepper, stepping, or step motorwhich is only a portion of one complete rotation. Environmental factors such as welding, chemical vapors, moisture, humidity, dust, metal debris, etc. Get the motor, drive, and cables in one complete package, at a discounted price!


Stress stepper motor wiring and connections for poor conditions and check with an ohmmeter. Many stepper motor series already have shaft-flat and encoder-ready provisions.

Anaheim Automation M6R6 Stepper Step Motor Driver | eBay

Hybrid Stepper Motor The Hybrid stepper motor combines qualities from the permanent magnet and variable reluctance stepper motors. If all parts are replaced properly, the motor can be remagnetized at the factory, but the charge is substantial. Therefore, this mode provides twice the resolution.

However, any selection, quotation, or application suggestion for a stepper motor, or any other product, offered from Anaheim Automation’s staff, its’ representatives or distributors, are only to assist the customer. This assistance is offered to help the customer in choosing Anaheim Automation products for a specific application. Speed information may be derived if the time between successive pulses is measured and decoded.

If not, Transient Suppression Devices can be added externally. The stepper motor can be operated over a wide range of speeds and used to drive almost any load commonly encountered. Protect drivers, controllers and stepper motors from environments that are corrosive, contain voltage spikes, or prevent good ventilation. Anaheim Automation’s warranty is 12 months after the invoice date.

It is wise to install the stepper motor, driver and controller in an environment which is free from condensation, dust, electrical noise, vibration and shock. Be the first to write a review. It is likely that you have a defective stepper motor. Leaders in Motion Control Since ! Changes to a stepper motor once it is shipped can affect its performance and will void its warranty.


Controller Stepper Motor — a regulating mechanism; essentially a DC power supply anahrim power switching with associated circuits for controlling the switching in the proper sequence. The reciprocal of the number of steps per revolution of the motor.

The Item may vary from picture as manufacture may change model appearance. In applications where more torque is required at higher speeds, a lower inductance value given from a four lead motor is better choice.

Some drivers are designed to protect itself from such an occurrence. It is wise to install the stepper motor, driver and controller in an environment which is free anahem condensation, dust, electrical noise, vibration and shock. One may assume that a stepper motor will dependably follow digital instructions, just as a computer is expected. In an open-loop stepper motor controller, no feedback is going from the motor to the controller.