I’d like to be able to see what the latest and greatest version will work with before committing to a new motherboard. Another reason you will have to show more focus if you want to get it to work or if it is workable. Because I want to use raid 5. Lastly, if you wouldn’t mind sharing some expertise, would you recommend the installation of the OS Ubuntu The laptop I used ZFS on has: Check your kernel log, “dmesg grep “rcraid” and look for a line like “rcraid: Don’t really know were I can get an answer to that question though.

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However, it does not allow access to the hard drives. Thanks very much for the response!

raid – How to fix missing RAID1 drive – Super User

I have a GB drive stuck in there for windows later on, since it doesn’t play well with others. I’m running Ubuntu On the plus side tho, at least Clonezilla supports imaging this configuration. Both won’t find a raid array.

If you have questions on how to get this setup, reach out, watching many of you struggle with this is painful to watch. July 16th, 2. Gentoo Linux has a wiki that lists some motherboards that people have found dmraid to work with.


SB Fake Raid not working Found some other post on this forum http: With mdadm you take that cost, but your data can go from one system to another easily and without any drivers required.

Please enter a title. I managed to get rcraid. September 6th, The best thing ist that I could keep the installed Windows 10 without any data loss or the need to reinstall.

Debian User Forums

Regardless, you know much more about Linux than I do and just thought i’d throw the thought out there, as I’ve spent just over 20 hours on mine with no success. This is a good thread with some screen shots.

I did download the driver from the following webpage Chipset and followed the instructions trying to insert the rcraid module to the Linux kernel. It was really only with the introduction of APU’s in that AMD had to actually put effort into creating a chipset it can call it’s own.

July 14th, 1. SB Fake Raid not working Tanks for rald replies.

Here is the output when inserting the kernel module: This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. It doesn’t take the old mailing-list commands, though; have to subscribe via a web interface. Fakeraid support is quirky however and behavior varies from one Ubuntu release to another.


Another big thing, if your on any Kernel past the 4. The system I’m working on is destined for deep-learning, which causes a concern for using software RAID. SB Fake Raid not working. With Windows they are running fine.

I don’t think this can be pre-calculated, but I’ll give you a rough set of figures because I only tried this once. Granted, that isn’t Debian, but it kept me from trying because I was in a crunch. Haven’t seen anybody help here, so I’ll add to this. Join Date Nov Beans 4.

However, after restarting, I used ‘lsmod’ to check, but couldn’t find any ‘raid’ related module being loaded. It’s not what you were looking and asking for, but think about it. Also, mdadm and ZFS do individual drive healthchecks, whereas controllers might not depending on the model.

I’m pretty sure I know what happenned.