I had not yet tried any overclocking or fine tuning. Thursday, February 22, 9: Make sure that Windows is installed with the latest Service Packs and updates. I have XP installed on two partitions without any trouble, the system runs perfectly stable. I am working through a painfully slow dialogue with Asus at present.

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By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Hope it is of help for any of you, had similar problems on the ich7r as described in this thread before.

I haven’t experienced any corrpution or freezes. The driver loaded from DVD is 6. I’ve actually deleted the RAID1 configuration on my machine and am still seeing iastor0 errors.

On one occasion Vista displayed a notification saying ‘RAID0 stripe becoming corrupted – please restart the machine’. I ran all sorts of controller and surface scans and everything checked out without a hitch Friday, March 23, 4: I might consider bying less Intel connected hardware in the future: All along they where pointing the finger at me, saying I had installed software or new hardware!


Thursday, December 28, 7: I am not running a Maxtor, yet I get the same problem, so it can’t be Maxtor-related only, unless the Seagates are very similar to the Maxtor drives. Asus acknowledges that the motherboard does not officially support Vista but also claim that Intels drivers should work and therefore don’t prioritize doing any additional work.

Amrvell another workaround that I found to work on my setup.

ethernet controller 8086 driver download

I wrote to Maxtor, the answer is: Here’s other similar drivers that are different versions or releases for different operating systems: I think Asus want to prevent a major recall and save Money!! Thursday, March 1, 2: Don’t load other drivers.

It solved everything for me: Ciao, ottimo italiano, da dove scrivi? Two types of fonts used in 1 single dialog in JPN. This got rid of all of the timeout errors, although I did still get a hard lockup during heavy disk activity a couple times.

Major Problem – VISTA RTM / P5WD2-Premium / ICH7R SATA RAID

As far as I can see it happens when OOdefrag tries to run on the MAxtor, so it seems related to hi drive usage as reported before. The system must be running on one of the following operating systems: I am still having the same problem. The problems for my disks appear 88e80x the standard Vista installing procedure.


marvelll Sunday, February 4, 9: No problems what so ever. You know, like detectives trying to find a serial killer. Tuesday, February 20, Francis, Michele, Thanks for telling us about your experiences.

I tried the 7. Monday, February 19, 9: So now Intel can point the finger at my Samsung drives, which by the way have been working just fine in SATA mode for the last month with heavy use and pass all hard drive diagnostic tests I can throw at them.

The following operating systems are not supported: