They don’t “just vibrate”. Marketing gibberish aside, I was interested to see what use a buzzing mouse could be. Executed the same way as, say, a force-feedback steering wheel, a force-feedback mouse would scurry right off the mat if you didn’t keep your hand on it. The iFeel mouses are both USB devices, and they come with Logitech’s standard Mouseware driver software, and the separate iFeel driver package, both of which are set up as part of the standard install process. They each contain a “high-fidelity Inertial Harmonic Drive engine”. And I dare say it might make it easier to learn to use Windows if the several similar-looking window widgets each have their own distinct feel. Maybe they’ve made some other pointing device that really does have proper force feedback, but this ain’t it.

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There’s no way to just send an iFeel mouse the bass frequencies from any game’s soundtrack, or something; if the game’s not TouchSense enabled, you get nothing.

If you can see perfectly well, I can think of no rational reason for you to buy one of these things. At maximum power, it’s ridiculous. Servomotors inside them let them push back against the user, for a more realistic feel.

It can just buzz as you size the window.

Suspicious Activity Detected

Not many games, to be honest. What follows I learned by analyzing the surprisingly simple Be program which was causing the aforementioned incessant oscillation. I tell you – if we ever let the Immersion buzzword-creation people come up with a name for say, a Boeingthe world won’t contain enough paper to write down the result. Immersion’s TouchSense is supported by quite a lot of games, but only for other force feedback controllers – various wheels and joysticks from Logitech, Microsoft, ThrustMaster and others.


Nothing on this page is a logitechh of me. I don’t even remember how it happened. So much for the look. It’s even less symmetrical than the Intellimouse Explorer.

Logitech iFeel Mouse – | eBay

The top of the mouse keeps exactly the same texture all the time. Similarly, Immersion say you can really feel the texture of on-screen surfaces in software that’s iFeel-enabled. There is a what seems to be a ‘vibrate’ command which starts the vibration, and ifedl ‘abort’ command that will stop any ongoing vibrate command before it completes its run.

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Review: Logitech iFeel mouses

The plain iFeel Mouse is an ordinary-sized, ordinary-shaped unit You can turn the overall power down, though, and make the effects very subtle if you want. Overall If you can see perfectly well, I mousenan think of no rational reason for you to buy one of these things. As far as I know everything here is correct but don’t hold me to it. Me, I’ll just stick with a mouse that doesn’t think it’s sixty million times better.

To form the control packet, use ‘request type’ 0x21, ‘request’ 0x09, ‘value’ 0x, and ‘index’ 0x see USB Spec for more information on logitecg these values are along with a 7-byte buffer as described below.


Logitech USB iFeel MouseMan Driver

Latest version at http: But if you’ve got no trouble seeing stuff on the screen, I’m at a loss as to what real use the Immersion Desktop is. Just used to stop the vibrations before the full count specified in the vibrate command.

The mouses don’t do anything special in games that take advantage of the other TouchSense gadgets. If you find any problems or have any questions let me know. Using them The software that makes the iFeel mouses do something when you’re doing normal Windows tasks is called Immersion Desktop. Logitech iFeel mouses Review date: The MouseMan further imitates the Explorer with its tail-light – an internal blue LED that illuminates the Logitech logo on the back of the mouse, and casts a dim glow out through the translucent side of the mouse.

Also untested are the other mice using Immersion’s TouchSense that have popped up recently.

What about the feel? To avoid the problem of people having to catch their mouse before it makes it to a main road, Logitech’s mousfman mouses just vibrate.

The optical pickup hardware doesn’t work with a blue-illuminated scene, though, so both iFeel mouses have exactly the same red-LED illumination as every other new-wave optical mouse.