Is your woofer surround intact? Back Aluminum Panel heat dissipater. I know the newer revision of them doesn’t have the dedicated transformer for power and most of the internals are handed through revised ICs instead of the various circuit boards. They aren’t designed to amplify things Louis, MO System Specs.

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Klipsch ProMedia Subwoofer | eBay

Go to Klipsch Home. I’ve had three units go through my hands as my wife took my first one, bought one for sister promedai law and had to replace the one that my wife stole. Is your woofer surround intact? One note to add: The rattling sound is air turbulence in the port due to pushing the subwoofer beyond its limits the sound is called “chuffing”.


We had our unit for about 9 years and suddenly the unit would not show any signs of life. Yes, I guess I’m expecting too much out of it.

Posted March 29 edited. Joined Dec 5, Messages 5, 1. RejZoR Oct 22, This is know as a bipolar power source. Just look at Altec Lansing. Posted January 1, Joined Feb rplacement, Messages 1, 0.

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Subwoofer

Mine bit the dust. Since I had just finished reading a book about electronics I decided to give this repair my best attempt re;lacement thankfully it worked. I had one of the speaker terminals break somehow so I couldn’t secure the connection to one of my speakers. It’s a THX thing.

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Joined Aug 22, Messages 3, 0. Just replace the whole dang thing! The overall subwoofer weighs 8 lbs less. What you should do is then find a broken Klipsch system for sale on eBay that matches your system and swap out the transformer. FordGT90Concept “I go fast! Replacing the sub with another Promedia sub might be necessary if the unit is defective, but in general the sub that’s with that unit is the sub to use.


On paper they are quite decent Seems like Klipsch started to cheap out on this particular set about years ago.

Upon testing for energy I realized that there was nothing there! Joined Jan 17, Messages 10, 3.