You can see here the R60 is thicker than my T43, the T43 is on the left and the R60 on the right view large image. Below is the R60 acting as a tent, you can see the battery and AC jack plus a fan is all we have here. R60 left side view view large image. As far as brightness and quality, the R60 screen is good. In the picture below you see it next to my full time laptop, the ThinkPad T43

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A failed update generally means a system board replacement at the owner’s expense.

Lenovo ThinkPad R60 Review (pics, specs)

Fhinkpad Lorita, wherever you’ve gone Message 7 of I checked the spec’s on my Lenovo invoice, and this detail isn’t stated. Message 4 of Register Sign In Help. However when I try to use them together, the computer doesn’t boot up.

The underside of the R60 has the expansion slot for if you want to put the notebook into a docking station. The all black design makes distinguishing the two notebooks tough from afar. Demanding types will wish the IPS screen option that is offered with the T60 were available here. Sage advice, especially on older machines with no warranty remaining.


I am not a Lenovo employee. The R60 does not use the same case construction as the T60 and it is not as wonderfully thin and light.

For those familiar with the T-series, this keyboard is precisely the same as that used in that series. Lenovo ThinkPad T60 has very similar looks to the R60 view larger image.

There are 2 types of SATA 2.

Laptop Hard Drive Caddy for IBM Lenovo ThinkPad R60e R60

Does R60 support the Turbo Memory card? Reception is fine, no troubles, the antenna of the R60 is in the screen to give extra range. No registered users and 5 guests. That made a huge improvement in performance.

Cheers, George In daily use: Message 9 of The LEDs light up power and battery but no sound goes out and the screen remains black no Thinkpad logo, nothing. In the picture below you see it next to my full time laptop, the ThinkPad T43 Well, thanks for your answers, although they didn’t make me particularly happy Sorry to bother you, but another question came to my mind – wil the machine support a GB SSD drive?

Thinlpad right side view view large image. If you want to listen to music with any type of enjoyable experience plug in headphones or external speakers for a richer audio experience.


Lenovo ThinkPad R60 Review (pics, specs)

Seems to me that this information should be easily available, and it isn’t. The R60 under review has the following specs:. In fact, the ThinkPad T60 I reviewed earlier r0 the year had essentially the same specs and performance results as this R Message 5 of This R60 weighs just under 7lbs and my T43 weighs around 5.

The Ibbm is not a multimedia notebook and as such the speakers are there for system sounds and listening to say streaming talk radio or Podcasts on iTunes software. That’s true, however the thikpad in performance isn’t perceptible. The R60 can also come with Bluetooth if so chosen and configured, great to use with printers, PDAs and SmartPhones for transferring data wirelessly.

The R60 has two rather large fan vents, one on the back and one on the left side.