I can’t go a lick over mhz. Thanks for the fine tunes Oh, and I see you got yourself a new system Seems not to matter Posts: You even indicated that in one of my previous posts Am I foolish to assume that since the FX55 runs at 2. Thanks jlccarv and gizmo Then I bumped her up to 10 X And not a hiccup out of her Man, if I’d have known that it was gonna be this easy

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Originally Posted by WooferWrecker Thanks jlccarv and gizmo The fact of the matter is, if I overclock by as little as 5 MHz, with relaxed timings and higher voltages, the system will boot into Windows, but is very unstable.

EPoX Computer EP-4PEA9I, Socket 478, Intel Motherboard

And their customer service is 1st Class! I really appreciate everyones help I’ll post back and let you know how I get on.

I can’t go a lick over mhz. XP SP 2 issues?

Мой Компьютер 09, страница 47 читать онлайн

Webb City, Mo Posts: Well, I took jnansley’s and gizmo’s advice and made myself a fan adapter More wierdness; dimm slots 1 and 2 work perfectly with 2x modules, weird eh.


Please refrain from wanting to do me serious bodily audioo As I stated in one of my pevious posts, I am not having any luck overclocking audo system. So I’ll see how I get on tonight Very very well done Woofer Wrecker.

Thanks jnansley, I hadn’t thought of that The guy at Sidewinder Computers was very helpful, and has packed in a cable like the one you described in my order But I will keep your suggestion in mind for future reference I would recommend Sidewinder to anyone looking for hard to find computer parts.

Thanks jlccarv and gizmo Thank you very much gizmo, you know what a Toroidal Filter Choke is but not a fan a majiggy Dual channel would give me ‘s of errors in test 6 of memtest, using 2xMB modules in slots 1 and 2. When moved to dimm slots 3 and 4 all worked perfectly.

It seems that dimm slots 1 and 2 dont not like 2xMB in dual channel The machine booted into windows first at 10 Xso I ran a couple of quick benchies I guess the Irish lingo has crept it’s way in to my vocabulary Please spill the the beans, ET I have relaxed the memory timings, lowered the HTT to 4 and then 3, and increased the CPU voltage, as well as the chipset voltages, and memory voltages, all the way through their allowed ranges.


What exactly are they called, so I don’t sound like a bigger fool than I already do I’ll have a look around and see if I can find the adapters Add Thread to del. You even indicated that in one of my previous posts Was it you cadaveca?

I’m coming to get you once I get some spare time!!! I don’t have an epox board.

Epox Bios device drivers from Epox source /5/ –

But the system will hang at the “Detecting Array” screen. I am very grateful. Just got on to MSN with my mate, and he now reports that the dimms 1 and 2 2xMB module problem is still present The 3-pin fan connectors supply approximately 12v at 0.

Last edited by jlccarv; 12th December, at What gives with you and Fatal1ty? User Name Remember Me? It does indeed seem as though SATA 3 and 4 are not locked