Both return the same results. I don’t know about the BIOS yet In clarification, let me say that it is not your hardware I am really focusing on – it is the fact of whether or not those software drivers you are employing with it could permit DOS-based Norton Ghost operations. But it does not matter really. First let me give you all a little background.

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Today 3 days after the disk image she called me from school and said she got a blue screen. Finally I realized something.


I used the same Dos boot disk setup suggested by Nightowl but edited the config. I have just spent two whole weeks reinstalling my machine and I really need to have a bootable CD for XP home with Ghost on it so that I can restore my backup. I didn’t even dare to hope for it but the inthinkable happened. Dis, image below reveals the aspo USB 2. I have a question about my drive, but I do not want to type a long post that no one will reply to, please let me know, thanks.

Do you know how to create a boot floopy disk? Does anyone know any other switches for the aspiehci.


usb-peripherals – USB in DOS | DaniWeb

Hmmm, I encountered the following issues: Okay, now the ntfsdos or pro issue. Just to clarify too – dj1000. Your steps and screen shots in reply are confusing and possibly misleading– The Ghost Boot Wizard does not create the [config. Then it ends mostly after the DPMS stuff with: So I have created a boot floppy as follows: Or, if the card reader is being mounted as a ‘virtual A: Rebooted and it looked to be ok.

So you have to have Corporate Ghost 8. Trying the next driver now.

USB for Dos?

At that point you have 2. Have something to contribute to this discussion? Ghost will not offer you the option of restoring drive letter C: But I have no access to the memory card until the drivers are first loaded from floppy or bootable CD.

My data was on the other partition and was still safe after my goof. Question, what were using to map a drive letter to your usb drive?


Though, I am proud to present one of the candidates that believe. This small detail stopped this wonderfull USB driver from working in Ghost causing Ghost to crash with an inconsitency error.


The Intel USB host controller drivers typically found on motherboards can cause greater expense to rectify than employing a communications tactic using tomorrow’s technology rather than that from yesterday ; the SATA hardware of the future will be backwards compatible just like USB 2. Using the steps in the very first post of this thread but with v2.

Owners of vintage systems with no USB support at all i. Creating boot disks the way you guys did i followed the thread using MagicIso did not lead to the desired result.

Do consider that all three of my Macally USB 2. My hard drive is a WD found here: As I’ve said I have something that works, but curious about the one that works for you and not for me. I then renamed my boot image file bootcdp1.

Any comments on what you are doing differently?