Different routers have different ways of performing a hard reset; my best bet is use a small clip or pin, make sure the router is turned on press and hold the reset button until all lights on the router blink then you can let go. Package Contents The following items should be found in your package: Halu everyone and happy holidays! It uses SIP More information. Single right click on ” Local Area connection “, then click ” Properties “.

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SG :: BaudTec RNR4 DSL Wireless Router

If it continues to have issues with the correct IP then you may have a modem conflict. Tech called me and said that it is normal for that modem to go back to factory settings every time you turn it off and on. Recycle Notice Your product is designed and manufactured with high quality material and components which can be recycled and reused.

Quick Installation Guide 4. You may also use the following address regardless of whether you have changed the primary address or not: Hi All, could be na the pisonet connection is through ethernet so nka mdem directly to your router. If you move to another page, it will disregard your change and revert it back to basics. Wag ko raw papalitan default password ng baudtec, otherwise magloloko.


This adso can be set up using any current web browser, i. Start display at page:. I noticed that YouTube seems to be slower, the video buffers a lot at p and even p. You may also like: The thing is, your router may keep on resetting since the internal battery or the flash memory that saved your settings may be going bad.

See your User More information. Call their customer service, explain what is happening with your modem router and ask for a technician to go to your house to check the modem.

BAUDTEC TW263R4 ADSL2+ MODEM ROUTER System Requirements

Sa kusina kasi balak ilagay ng tatay ko yung ASUS para abutin yung mga apo nya sa ka ilang bahay. Change User name and Password A. He also asked for a bottle cap to rest the modem router on — adzl is to help prevent heat build-up that could cause overheating. If not, just keep calling the PLDT number.

You can see the screen will appear as shown in step 4. Only do this if you know what you are doing.

The only option I have right now is to either change the PW permanently or block the unauthorised IP address. Tinawag ko na sa pldt rereconfigure nila gusto ko sana hinhin yung mga data d naman binigay d yata alam ng sumagot…. Freezes when not in use.

BaudTec RN263R4

At first, the agent will be required by their process to go through some troubleshooting steps with you. The Internet light also turned RED, so I think there was also a problem with the line itself at the same time.


For further details on Wireless Lan settings or on the different security modes, such as: My problem here is, at the middle of browsing the web You Tube and Addslthe video streaming suddenly stops and buffers while my Facebook suddenly stops loading whenever I scroll down.

The default password is so easy to crack!

What s in the package 2. Manuel P — Split na kami ni Oliver ;P ang dami niya kasing babae sa buhay niya, haha, and I am getting tired of his flashbacks. Please wait for minutes. Issues relating to hang, memory crash, NAT overflow, unable to browse, unable to sync on wifi and etc.

Router Screenshots for the BaudTec RNR4 – PLDT –

Hello, for us, we just bought a Tenda modem router kasi pinakamura pero hindi cdrking. Or have Limited user rights sa mga pisonet computers.

Do you see any problem with the modem lights not blinking in the usual pattern?