Jun 3, 7. Last , Jun 5, In fact, the only real way you can tell that it’s modded by Analogman is via the sticker on the pedal. The BD-2 does not have the low-end loss that a tube screamer has so it stays nice and thick on the lows without getting flabby. Do not turn all of the knobs on full. For orders, see our new website buyanalogman. I know which is more pleasing to me.

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User reviews: Boss BD-2 Blues Driver – Modded by Analogman – Audiofanzine

Sort by most recent most useful. We also change the jacks out and do a lot of rewiring to make it reliable so it’s not a cheap mod. But email us anlogman returning it for info on how to return it.

Search Media New Media. DD-6 draws about 50mA of power. Overseas buyers may have to pay some customs fees to their country when the order is delivered. I did the Monte H20 bues to mine and it is pretty sweet I need more gain than timmy has analog,an, but not willing to part with it. This BD-2 mod does not drastically change the circuit, but replaces many cheap, poor sounding components that Boss used.

See our Fuzz Face Page for more info. There is no added switch in this option, the Bluess knob will always work on both sides.


Boss Effects Pedals and Modifications

For expression use, you don’t have to use a Y or Insert cable like with most volume pedals, just a normal cable with stereo ends. Here is analog,an cool Boss Serial Number Decoder if you would like to know when your pedal was made. Setting this thing up for a good sound can be very difficult since it won’t sound good, unless you have the analogman mods done to it.

Our mod actually removes a ton of high frequency noise from the pedal! This is the most organic chorus pedal I have yet to try, and can analogmzn thick enough for almost anyone, without sounding seasick. I have played through others and they are just not the same.

Boss Effects

You should use a power supply for best results. Here are some of our shirts in action. This mod on the DD-6 sounds a little better than the same mod on the DD-5, very smooth. Then you have come to the right place!!! This pedal is really cool because it works as a normal volume pedal OR an expression pedal, by plugging into different jacks. For those awaiting the arrival of a new industry-leading looper, the wait is finally over. All of our Analog Man pedals can be fixed easily by any good tech with readily available parts, as they are hand-made.

Housed in a spacious seven-footswitch floor unit, the RC lets you manipulate three stereo phrase tracks simultaneously, with each track supporting multiple overdubs. Prices for the various mods are found below or on the Mod Form for sending in with your pedal. There’s also a negative side. How long does it take for them to mod it and mail it back to you?


He said he loves analigman for crunchy rhythm and riffs, that it really blended in well with the band. This will get rid of the somewhat dull tone and make it right.

Also overseas prices for some analognan are higher than my modified ones. It is a very useful pedal with the DIST knob down for people who don’t want too much distortion, or have an amp that is already distorting. To buy the book along with another pedal, use buyanalogman.

It is smooth, sweet and warm It has the exact stock midrange setting and sound at about In we came out with the “flat box” version four of the ARDX The King Of Tone is the only pedal that has a waiting list now, and the list is long but getting shorter.